it’s beginning to feel like christmas

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Hmmm, looks like Santa missed the chimney.

It’s my mom, you see. And her humor.

who reads your blog?

Have you ever wondered who reads your blog? It’s a lucky thing for those of you who belong to a blogging community or have a circle of friends with a broad blogging diameter. Lucky also for LJ users who can track who their friends are.

But what about the rest of the blogging community who don’t have access to complex backwork web stats? (Google Analytics is a good webstat tracker for those who can softcode it into their site)

The easiest way of finding out would be to ask who reads it. Advertise it in Friendster, forums, Yahoo! Messenger, as well as spamming in comment boxes.

Another way would be to install a counter in your blog. Though you would have to filter out yourself – because you might be refreshing the page every five minutes and counting those for hits. You won’t know exactly who is reading your blog though, but at least you know it’s being read.

Comments also work, but there are blogs that are sparse of comments but have high readership.

And then there’s this:

I’ve been fooling around with Technorati for the past few months, even way before I moved my domain from my old blog. Technorati collects a database of who’s linking to whom (is that correct grammar?), abiding by the premise of your blog is only worth as much as the number of people linking to it.

Aside from this personal blog, I often do queries for the other blogs I work on which include Cellphone9, Da Wireless Kubo (the m|PH blog), and another blog I do called Kapped!, which not a lot of people know about. it is a parody blog i do together with my favorite Play-Girlz, Ingrid and Erin.

The reason I do this isn’t just for curiosity. This is my mini FGD (focused group discussion) to figure out what type of websites link to my content and which posts get linked to where. it is very useful for refining your blog content. Of course, for personal blogs, the reasons are juicier – do I have an online blog stalker? Do I have a friend from long ago who reads my stuff without me knowing?

Try it now on your blog address, or even better – your name. It will definitely surprise you how infamous you are in the blogosphere.

Geist at Alabang

While waiting for a friend the other day, I decided to take some night shots of the Alabang Town Center. The traffic was horrible so it made so much more sense to wait it out in the mall than to go home.

I walked around for the better part of the evening (yes traffic was that bad) taking pictures of everything that caught my interest.

I moved around the strip of restaurants, the main court which had its share of disgruntled people also waiting the traffic out, and the center promenade where CBTL was still brewing.

I moved on to The Spa located in a more secluded area of the mall to see if I could get some interesting shadow play. I was surprised to find the final picture in my digital film roll afterwards.

Holy crap!

penny arcade in your computer

On my way home from the office, I passed by an arcade and saw 1980’s remakes of video game classics like Pac Man and Galaxian. Ahh, the nostalgic 80’s. Now that things are much more complicated, you can reload those experiences from when we were kids by going to the 1980’s arcade site.

Got a penny, Wendy?

the boy in every girl

Jed goes by many names. A lot of people know her as the sister of Miriam Quiambao. Some know her as an active member of PSI. The dudes in the industry refer to her as the marketing manager of Mobile 1.

As for me, I personally call her Mildred. She gets annoyed, slaps my arm and calls me ‘lolo.’

You see, Jed hits very hard, just like any other 80’s child who developed upper and lower body strength by playing street-wide patintero, tumbang preso, shato and cops and robbers. She was one of two girls in a street filled with boys. But she was the tallest.

She is my trusted friend, confidant, and also happily engaged.

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