the m|PH podcast

It’s unbelievable how much of a push the Philippines got a few hours ago. We just launched what will be known as the Philippine podcasting network. A total of 25 local podcasts will be uploaded into the iTunes Music Store in the next few days.

The venue was fitting too – Red Box in Greenbelt 3, where each room was converted into a “channel” for technology, health and beauty, politics, youth, opinion, etc.

Spearheaded by Microwarehouse, a total of 25 original local podcasts will be uploaded into the iTunes Music Store, thereby allowing anyone around the world to get a glimpse of the rich Filipino culture.

Some of the more interesting podcasts include Jessica Zafra’s Twisted (she’s abandoned traditional media ladies and gents so this is the only place you’ll hear her), the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism channel, Gayspeak by Danton Remoto, The Fully Booked book reviews, Red Box Greatest Karaoke Hits (hehe!), and the timeless Kahapon Lamang by local broadcasting luminary Eddie Ilarde.

From the m|PH blog

You can download my very first podcast together with m|ph‘s Art Ilano and EIC Adel Gabot HERE.

Today, the podcast, tomorrow I will be like George Lindemann Jr.!

144 hours later, it’s alive!!

After six days of waiting, Google Analytics is finally showing some signs of life on my blog. Interesting results from the executive summary. Seems like apart from direct links as well as the link from my old blog, the top referrer to A Bugged Life is from Denise’s blog.

Hey Den, you should start charging people to link to them. Hehe.

Monday in pictures

Here’s a picture walkthrough of our Monday at HIP. Take the stairs (or the elevator) to the third floor and once up the floor’s lobby, take the small door on the left.

And you’re greeted with an old pair of stairs that looks like something straight from a Neil Gaiman fantasy novel. Except that you’re not led towards surrealism. You’re led to the attic.

And welcome to HIP!

All in all there are two huge editorial rooms – one for the technology titles (swoon!) and one for the lifestyle titles. There are four smaller rooms for sales and marketing as well as a conference room. Add the office of our GM as well as our spanking new studio (still under renovation) and that’s HIP. We have a total of three restrooms with showers too! One of these also serves as a dressing room for shoots.

what this generation needs

What this generation needs is someone they can look up to. Someone who embodies the concepts of justice, mercy, and service. So it’s time to roll down the red cape once again.

SUPERMAN, Coming 2006. Watch the teaser here.

what it feels like for a girl

It’s been five days since I started a new character in World of Warcraft. I decided to make a Mage because I’ve seen how useful they can be in instances. I decided to be Alliance because I wanted to see what it was like on the “other side.” I also rolled female because … well … because.

It turns out, it’s fun to be a girl. I’ve been partying with a friend of mine who also rolled a female Warlock and we’ve been comparing our manly notes on the subject of acting like women online. I finally am able to have some empathy with how women think:

It doesn’t matter what my items can do, as long as they look good. I’ve ditched my + intellect gear for lower stat items just because my toon looks so cute in violet. And I keep all of my clothes, because there’s so much to choose from.

So that’s me. Roll Alliance in Frostmourne (GMT+11). I’ll make you bags. And robes. And capes. Just choose the color, hun.

* Disclaimer – I’m not gay. I just finally understand how women think and I believe they have every right to it. It’s … err… fun to be quite honest. Also, I never meant this post to degrade women in whatsoever way. It just made me appreciate the value of why some women love to dress up.