Getting to know Ala Paredes


UPDATE: I chanced upon the actual spread and text from the interview in my email archives so I have decided to publish the full interview. Oh to be young again! 2006 was definitely the carefree days.

We took a trip today to shoot Ala Paredes, daughter of the legendary Jim Paredes of the APO Hiking Society. While Dario was helping out in the photo shoot at The Westin, I took the opportunity to grab his Canon 300D and do some of my own shooting.

She said something really interesting about how we Filipinos have changed in the past several years. Music can tell a lot about a People. The Brazilians for instance love singing about their country. They sing in Portuguese – not in English. Which means that they sing to each other. And the stuff they sing about — it’s all about Brazil. Brazilians singing to each other about Brazil. What love!

We used to be like them.

Ala is a true artist – she is a painter, a writer, and lead singer for Hiraya. She’s also a little bonkers in the head, which is a good thing. Because nowadays, it’s hard to keep sane in this eclectic country (But that’s not why she’s migrating).

Soon to come in the next ish of m|PH.