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On Bayan Telecommunication’s Wireless Landline Service

Last year, I wrote something about how Bayan Telecommunications made a big comeback as a key service provider. Their two main thrusts were transparency as well as bringing forth the wireless landline concept. Today, PLDT has something similar. I’m still in no position to comment on quality of service for these products as I have never used a wireless landline.

Last week, I was sent the portable version of the telephone. There are two versions – the one photographed here is more portable and more akin to the cellphone running on CDMA. The second version, which is really my favorite is a landline without a cable, because it really is a head turner in the most absurd of places (i.e. beach, inside your car).

I’d really like to hear from current subscribers on the service quality of the Bayan Telecommunications wireless landline, and maybe in comparison to the one released by PLDT. More importantly, has Bayan been true to their word about the rebate program?

For your perusal, here are the current rates of the Bayan Telecommunications wireless landline service:

Local Calls to any Landline FREE

Calls from BWL to BWL FREE
Calls from BWL to Bayan Phone FREE
Calls to other landlines P4.00 / min
Calls to cellular phones P6.50 / min

Top 71 destinations $0.10 / min
Major Destinations $0.19 / min
Rest of the world $0.40 / min

SMS to other landlines and cellphones P1.00 / text
SMS to international lines and cellphones P15.00 / text

Wireless Landline now offers Internet access
Plan Zero
Pay per use P0.50 per minute

Plan 150
P150.00 / month and FREE 500 minutes with P0.30 for exceeding minutes

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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It’s good to know the Philippines has CDMA now. It’s been around in Indonesia for a couple of years now, and I’ve always wished I could use my CDMA phone back home. It’s really a good spare for long calls as opposed to the GSM.

I subscribed to this service around 3 months ago. Had the portable phone. It was great. Imagine eating at a restaurant and having that phone with you.

Had problems with the unit after a month of use. I couldn’t receive calls and the unit didn’t have a signal anywhere.

Now they sent me a demand letter asking me to pay 5K for a service that didn’t work. I found out from the guy that delivered the letter that he’s got a lot more rounds to do. Mostly collections for units that didn’t work in the first place. No biggie, it’s partly my fault for not making sure I got a replacement. I did report it though.

So here’s my two cents: The service is great. Nice to have a landline with you everywhere. If I could do it again, I would get the cellphone type instead of the wireless unit. And, I’d wait until they have a pre-paid version in case I do encounter more bugs.

(BTW, I just wanted to say I’m a fan of your blog. Been a lurking around for a long time since I found out about it from attending SEMCON. Hope to read more from you)

hi jade, thanks for the kind words! ๐Ÿ™‚ that demand letter note is interesting. bayan supposedly is supposed to deal with these types of concerns rather well (that’s one of their service commitments).

as for the SEMCON talk, you’re welcome. i enjoy doing these things because i get to meet a lot of new people as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve had this since december and i guess i was lucky enough to have no problems with it. signal is wonderful anywhere i take it. sure beats having to call a landline from a cell phone. it actually drove my cellphone bills down. i have the very same unit, that chinese hua wei thingy. only problem is that it heats up if you stay long on this phone. but the headset fixes that problem. signal is lower when you’re moving around, say in a car. but when you’re in a mall or in a restaurant, it’s 100% reliable. battery is ok and with moderate use, i only recharge once in two days. since the battery is sealed, i’m expecting to have problems with it in a year of two, but that is something expected and the bayantel lady who sold it to me left me her number so i can contact her in case i need a replacement unit. my original plan was to buy the nokia unit, expecting that it will work better than the hua wei unit but there is a 2k difference. a difference that i was ready to pay, considering that nokia is a better brand. but it was the first the run out so i’ll just have to wait for this one to conk out. so far, it’s working great for me.

im a bayan wireless subscriber. and so far so good. no prob with me.

im also using the HuaWei unit. so small, looks like your typical mobile phone.

whats good with it is that I can just bring it anywhere I go. (yup, i bring it in mall of asia from time to time.)

hi, im planning to subscribe for these. but i still have a few questions… is anyone of you been used it somewhere in marilao bulacan… im living in marilao bulacan. thats why im asking if there is a signal in that area… pls give me some feedback. and also, which is more good in performance the wireless telephone or the HUAWEI unit? ill be waiting for some feedback here guys… thanks.

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